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Tired of having the same customer and property information in too many different software systems? We conducted over 100 interviews with real estate professionals in six European Union countries to develop the best software for any type of real estate company

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One tool for everybody in your company that needs real estate or customer information

Increase sales

The system is designed to help real estate companies work better with customers and tasks to make the sales cycles shorter and increase upselling

One source of truth

Instead of searching in several sources or asking colleagues to send materials, everybody with access can be on the same page

Data collaboration

Share and enrich data with customers, colleagues or vendors inside the system instead of using e-mails or phone calls

Multilingual system

Legislative and industry specific terminology makes working in English or other foreign language difficult, this is why our system is available in your local language


Current and historical data can be connected to land, buildings or units including deals, projects, listings, offers and contacts


All your lead, contact, and customer information in European servers to be GDPR compliant

Tasks, meetings, notes and reminders

Add tasks, meetings and notes to customers, properties and projects to get reminders


Projects let you connect property and customer tasks, notes, files and other information in one view

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Make your sales process, marketing campaigns, and customer service better by keeping track of all tasks, contacts and projects


Müügitööriist arendajatele

Parandage oma müügiprotsessi, turundust ja klienditeenindust, omades ülevaadet kõikidest ülesannetest ja projektidest alates müügivihje genereerimisest kuni müügijärgse garantii halduseni


Sales tool for property developers

Make your sales process, marketing campaigns, and customer service better by keeping track of all your tasks and projects from lead generation to warranty management


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